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In Exchange 2007 if mail is retrieved via POP/IMAP that was sent to a user's secondary SMTP address, the message header will show the user's primary SMTP address. If you would like to preserve the address that the message was sent to, you can use this Transport Agent to save the email address to a new X-Header.

To install this agent, follow these instructions:

1. Copy SaveOriginalRecipient.dll to your transport server. In this example, I place it in C:\MyAgents
2. Open the Exchange Management Shell
3. Type Install-TransportAgent -Name SaveOriginalRecipient -TransportAgentFactory SaveRecipient.SaveRecipientFactory -AssemblyPath C:\MyAgents\SaveOriginalRecipient.dll
4. Close and restart the Exchange Management Shell.
5. Type Enable-TransportAgent -Identity SaveOriginalRecipient
6. Restart the transport service by typing Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport

For more information on creating and installing your own transport agents, see this blog post:

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